Written and Drawn by Richard Starkings, JG Roshell, and Tim Sale
Published by
Image Comics

Tim Sale has long been one of the most popular and talented artists working in comics. His collaborations with writer Jeph Loeb pushed him into the stratosphere, and their work on Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Daredevil and others became somewhat legendary and are perennial sellers at comic shops and bookstores. But his career managed to find even another gear beyond that when Loeb recommended him for the gig of providing Isaac’s paintings on the smash NBC television series HEROES a couple of years ago. Now, with this updated edition, those who have discovered Sale’s work can really see the evolution of the artist, not to mention learn about the behind-the-scenes stuff along the way.

The behind-the-scenes stuff comes primarily from a series of interviews between Sale and Richard Starkings, and each one is focused on a particular time in Sale’s career or on a particular project. That allows for an interesting depth of insight from Sale, and ultimately answers questions the reader might have had coming in (for instance- yes, GAMBIT/WOLVERINE pretty much was a cash grab). But the interest level doesn’t stop there, as the art provided serves to guide the reader precisely through what Sale was telling Starkings. The material becomes a sweet little concert in its own way.

At forty bucks, this isn’t likely for the casual or uncommitted reader, but as a lavishly produced, oversized hardcover, it’s very much worth it to anyone who has a curiosity or love for the artist in question. Sale is blunt about his own work and about his opinions of his peers, which is quite refreshing, and to me, this book ultimately feels like a bargain.

Marc Mason