Written and Drawn by Omaha Perez
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What if Sherlock Holmes was less “great detective” and more “batshitinsane drug addict”? That’s the question that Omaha Perez’ seriocomic look at the legendary resident of 221B Baker Street asks in HOLMES, a wildly amusing take on a literary legend. Aided and abetted by his best friend Dr. Watson, we once again see the man on the trail of the villainous Moriarty, though that quest is also tempered by the hunt for the skull of the legendary composer Haydn. Oh, and a brief stop for a little bit of whoring and drug abuse.

It can be risky, applying the conventions of parody and satire to a public domain icon, but Perez does a really terrific job of it here. He takes on the central conceit of the character’s “seven percent solution” drug use and then carries it out to an extreme. Here Holmes is a raving paranoid, but rather then being called on it or institutionalized, he is granted leeway and his behavior excused… even though there’s no rational reason for doing so beyond his reputation. What that leaves is behavior that would have made the detective an honorary member of the Go-Gos during their 80s heyday. And the results are goddamned funny.

Perez’ artwork can be a bit on the stuff side, but that fortunately doesn’t take away from your enjoyment of the book. You’re buying HOLMES for the laughs, not the looks. And you’ll get your money’s worth.

Marc Mason