Written by Joseph Michael Linsner and Eva Hopkins and Drawn by Linsner
Published by
Image Comics

Ivory is sort of your traditional goth girl. She has a dark sense of style, loves to get her dance on, struggles to deal with her mother, and loves all things vampire. She shares all that with her best friend, Samson, who happens to be her sister’s ex-boyfriend. But that steady, predictable life is about to change quite drastically, when, on Thanksgiving night, she witnesses the aftermath of what just might be a real vampire attack. And stranded in the city without a way home, trouble looms, particularly from the silent figures watching her from the rooftops.

If there is one thing about Joe Linsner that you can never question, it’s that he is a stunningly gifted artist. From the DAWN graphic novels to his series of painted prints, the man delivers luscious work to pore over and appreciate. However, his one Achilles heel has always been in story and character; his earlier work has never truly delivered a character that we took the time to get to know in-depth and grow to enjoy. DARK IVORY, though, is quite different. I suspect that elevating longtime Linsner-collaborator Eva Hopkins into the co-writer’s chair is at the root of the change, and it’s a brilliant decision. By the end of issue one, we have seen how Ivory reacts to school, the intriguing structure of she and Samson’s friendship, her frustration with her family life… the vampire stuff takes a bit of a backseat while we explore who she is. And that makes IVORY a very good read.

The only artistic qualm I have is that Ivory doesn’t always look as young as she should. She’s supposed to still be in high school, but Linsner’s gift for drawing spectacular women sometimes cannot be denied. Still, overall, this is easily the best thing I’ve seen out of the Linsner studio and have some decent hopes for the rest of the series.

Marc Mason