Written by Thomas E. Sniegoski
Published by Delacorte Press

Lucas has grown in up the middle of nowhere. He dropped out of high school, has been working as a mechanic, and underage drinks a bit too much for his own good. In short, he’s a kid without a future. But that all changes when reclusive billionaire Clayton Hartwell arrives on his doorstep with shocking news: Hartwell is Lucas’ father. And more than that, Hartwell is the superhero known as The Raptor, the protector of Seraph City. Unfortunately, Lucas won’t have much time to get to know his father, because the man is dying, But before he goes, he intends to show Lucas everything he knows… because the city needs a protector after he’s gone. But as Lucas enters his training he begins to see what it will really take to be the hero Hartwell wants him to be… and begins to question what it takes to really be the man he needs to be.

LEGACY is a lively and entertaining young adults novel by a man who knows his stuff. Sniegoski is a writer with a lot of experience in both comics and the prose world, and he melds those nicely in this book. Thematically and plot-wise, LEGACY isn’t exactly deep; but he makes up for that with a mystery at the heart of the book that captures the reader’s imaginations and with a central character for which the reader cannot help but to develop a rooting interest. Lucas isn’t just a kid that winds up in a situation that the book’s readership dreams about; he’s also genuinely intriguing and flawed. When we meet him, he’s not necessarily a “right” guy. It takes time for him to become the young man he needs to become, but as he does, you can’t help but take a shine to him.

Sniegoski knows the tropes of the superhero genre so well that it does allow him to manipulate the reader’s expectations pretty effectively as you turn the pages. LEGACY is a zippy read, and young adults will likely take to it quickly. A recommended stocking stuffer.

Marc Mason