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Episodes Showing on Independent Film Channel Beginning 10/3/08

Is someone tormenting you? Making your life miserable to the point you don’t know how to cope? Are you beset by someone who wants to do you harm just because they can? If so, Hell Girl is ready to listen. At midnight, you can type the name of your tormentor on Hell Girl’s website and she’ll show up to hear your plea. The deal sounds good up front- she’ll immediately take that person straight to Hell if you want. But then there’s the catch: after you finish your own natural existence, you’ll find yourself in Hell as well, no matter how good a person you might have been in life. So what do you do?

What do you do?

A few weeks back, I reviewed volume two of the manga and found it to be a bit inconsistent in how it drew in reader interest in the characters who crossed Hell Girl’s path. But that’s not a problem here; not at all.

Sometimes the manga is much better than the anime because it can capture certain aspects of the story better and take more time in development. Shows like SUZUKA come to mind. But there are times when the anime is WAY better, and HELL GIRL is one of those.

What makes it better? A number of factors. The stories are tighter and more interesting. Having color gives more dimension to the stuff Hell Girl puts the bad guys through. The voice actors give extra depth to the characters on screen. So in the end, this series comes across as a dark, creepy, disturbing piece of entertainment about very sad and very damaged people. I’ll be watching… but only in daylight.

Marc Mason