Written by Jason Martin and Drawn by Various
Published by
Super Real Graphics

Jason Martin’s reality TV-meets-comic books SUPER REAL takes one more digression before getting back to its regularly scheduled storyline in SUPER REAL VS THE MOVIE INDUSTRY. Last time out, we got the weak SUPER REAL VS THE COMICS BOOK INDUSTRY, and it looked like Martin had perhaps gambled away the goodwill he was building for his nifty little indy book. Frankly, I questioned whether or not the ongoing book could survive a second digression. But give Martin credit: MOVIE INDUSTRY is a huge improvement over COMIC, and it fits better with the actual main book, making this feel less like a lark and more along the lines of something reasonably useful in the process of the main plot.

This special features four guest artists helping Martin tell the tale: Dennis Budd, Jerry Gaylord, Dan Mendoza, and Josh Howard. As you might expect, Howard’s (DEAD @17, CLUBBING) the best of the guests, but Mendoza shows some real promise in his segment. The story itself is pretty thin, something to mostly hang the title gag on: the five reality superheroes are sent on a training mission that involves them playing out scenarios from some of their favorite films. These include RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, KILL BILL, STAR WARS, and TRANSFORMERS. Kinda pedestrian choices, but Martin gets major props for throwing CUBE in of all things. That alone gets him a pass on the writing end.

SUPER REAL’s charm has always been the cheeky attitude displayed not only by its characters, but by its creator in his work on the page. SUPER REAL got its start as an indy book in search of distribution, and that distribution didn’t come quickly. But Martin has persevered and done things his way, even when they could have blown up in his face. That’s why he has my respect, and why I’ve kept supporting the book.

Marc Mason