Written by Greg Rucka and Drawn by Leandro Fernandez
Published by Image Comics

Reviewed by Marc Mason

Isn’t it great when expectations exceed reality?

A while back, when THE OLD GUARD was announced, I thought to myself “That sounds like it’s going to be the best new comic of 2017.” I mean, what wasn’t to like? Greg Rucka writing the kind of intelligent action thriller that he does better than anyone else? Art by Leandro Fernandez, a massive talent with a gift for moody and evocative pages? So I rubbed my hands together and waited.

I powered through this absolutely delicious tale of immortal warriors still doing their thing in our modern world like a thirsty man attacks a water fountain, and all I could say when I was done was this:
“Yep. Best new comic of 2017. Good luck to the rest of the competition along the way. They’re gonna need it.”
Compelling characters. Intriguing story. A powerful plot twist. The hint that our old guard may get some new blood. Crackling dialogue. Eye candy art on every page. Letterer Jodi Wynne and colorist Daniela Miwa holding up their end and elevating their parts of the book as well.

There is literally nothing about THE OLD GUARD #1 that isn’t great. End of story.

No, wait – there’s the fact that I have to wait for issue two for a few more weeks. That kinda sucks. Because I really want to read that right now. I suspect that’s how it’s going to be as this series goes forward. Ah, well. Guess I’ll deal.

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