CHEW 58-59

CHEW #58-59
Written by John Layman and Illustrated by Rob Guillory
Published by Image Comics

Reviewed by Avril Kulla

Riddle me this, readers: How does a comic book about people with food powers ranging from the badass (such as creating razor sharp chocolate shuriken) to the absurd (psychic gelatin hats comes to mind) who live in a world where chicken is doom and alien writing randomly appears in the sky end up making one ugly cry at the end of an issue? Most riddles have an easy answer, and this one is no different: Damn. Good. Storytelling.

Chew 11 cover

While CHEW has entertained its readers nearly every issue with bizarre abilities, curious crimes and off-the-wall adventures, this comic has also managed to ensnare us all in the emotional lives of the Chu’s and their extended family. After almost sixty issues of busts, break ups, reunions, laughter and heartbreak it is impossible not to care about these characters, but as it often occurs with well-told tales, caring equals crying.

The chicken conspiracy has come to a close. We know what really happened during the so-called avian flu, we know who was behind the deaths of millions of people, and we know why it all happened. These last few issues we learned everything was leading towards preventing the end of the world, and the solution is not easy to swallow. There is no ‘James Bond kills the bad guys and presses the magic button to stave off nuclear war’ quick fix here. Horrible sacrifices must be made for the world as we know it to keep on spinnin’.

While my happy ending-loving heart feels like it was ripped out by Agent Caesar’s mechanical crab claw, and my brain is still whirring with ‘what ifs’ and various ideas of how to make John Layman suffer, I’m not only eagerly anticipating next issue to see how it all wraps up, but I’m also anxious to re-read the entire series from the beginning. There are details about the chicken conspiracy I know I missed here and there, and I’d like to revisit Chu and Colby’s best cases, and I want to catalogue my favorite food powers and background nuggets.

Essentially, despite the tumultuous upheaval my sensitive soul is enduring at this moment, I want to read Layman’s story unfold from a new perspective, and watch Guillory’s art evolve along with the characters. I want to experience it all over again. Undeniably a true hallmark of damn good storytelling.