Written by Dan Watters and Drawn by Caspar Wijngaard
Published by Image Comics

Reviewed by Marc Mason

I’m… pretty jaded as a comic reader these days. I read a LOT of comics, and honestly, most of them are solidly well done. More than a few are actually great. But for a while it has felt like you could see the great ones coming from a mile away. I mean, my favorite Image book is VELVET – but with Brubaker and Epting doing it, you just knew.

Surprise has become a commodity.

That brings me to LIMBO.


Being completely unfamiliar with the creators, Dan Watters and Caspar Wijngaard, I opened up issue one with absolutely no clue as to what I would find within. What I found was really good. I mean really, really good. Like edging on “great” good. An exquisite surprise that I never saw coming. A comic that brought a rich, bold, inventive vision to the page.

I’ve been devouring it hungrily ever since, right up through the most recent issue, number five.

What is LIMBO about? A detective named Clay with no memory plies his trade in Dedande City, a town with a penchant for voodoo, crime, and the aesthetic of an 80s music video. It’s a noir infused with magic on its brain and Miami Vice on its style.

If that sounds strange, well, it is. Because I haven’t even gotten to things like the Teleshaman yet. I won’t spoil that for you, but let’s just say that what happens to Clay when he pops in the wrong videotape is a staggering, delightful romp of unfettered imagination.

I want more comics like LIMBO. There aren’t enough comics like LIMBO. Instead of another sequel-crossover-event-line wide thingy that exists solely to satisfy the marketing department, why not take your hard earned dollars and track down a creator-owned, highly imaginative, exists solely for the love of making a cool story comic instead? That’s what Watters and Wijngaard have done here, and they should be celebrated for it. I love LIMBO; you will too.