CHEW #55
Written by John Layman and Illustrated by Rob Guillory
Published by Image Comics

Reviewed by Avril Brown

You know the best part about blindly following a narrative and never trying to second guess what a particular panel or sentence may or may not mean? The fact that I can say with completely unbridled enthusiasm, ‘I did NOT see that coming!’


A couple of different birdies were singing at me that this latest issue of CHEW, the final installment in the second-to-last story arc entitled ‘The Last Suppers,’ would totally blow my mind, and I can hardly contain my giddiness when I report they were one hundred and ten percent correct.

This is one of those issues in a series a fan can point to as clear cut evidence that CHEW still has its flavor. The jaw-dropping twists in this book will keep readers on the edge of their seat, their overloaded brains scrambling to keep up as they attempt to process what in the damn world is going on. Something wonderful happened, something I dare not have hoped for, but at the cost of something tragic.

Be careful what you wish for: I’d wished a terrible fate, loaded with pain and suffering, for one particular character because of an unforgivable act he appeared to commit. Well he did suffer, but instead of the savage joy of justice well-delivered, there is only sadness, confusion and an even more burning desire to discover the truth. Honestly I cannot imagine how the brilliant CHEW creators can wrap up this singular series in a scant five issues, but holy Jebus, I am dying to find out.

As per CHEW’s amazing balance of duality, alongside the rollercoaster drama ride are the delightful background nuggets, and one in particular I found particularly rewarding. Perhaps they’ve mentioned it before or since, but I recall Layman or Guillory, or perhaps both, spoke of an abhorrence of Chipotle’s cuisine at a panel at C2E2 several years ago, and in the first scene of this issue there’s an errant paper on the ground stating: ‘Chipotle Food Review – Rating: Sadface.’ I felt as if I was reading an inside joke, which is just too damn cool.

The end to one of my favorite finite series of all time is drawing nigh, and if the final five are anything in comparison to this particular issue (I have complete faith they’re going to be even more astonishing) then this concluding excursion is going to be uttering unforgettable.

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