Written and Drawn by Meredith Gran
Published by Villard

Reviewed by Marc Mason

Eve Ning and her roommate Hanna live seemingly normal lives; Eve works at an organic grocery store, does her best to control the roiling frustration with the human race that lurks in her soul, and does her best to maintain some standards when dealing with the opposite sex. Hanna is a massive stoner that spends her time baking actual pastries while she’s high so that she can call her product “Bake’n’Bake”.

Together, they do not fight crime.

Instead, they do their best to get along, have a little fun, and deal with the little aggravations that come their way. Whether it is the return of a childhood rival, an ethical stand about public nudity, or a visit to a renaissance fair, it seems like the duo just can’t have a nice, quiet day. That turns out to be a very good thing for readers of OCTOPUS PIE.

The first two years of Meredith Gran’s smash webcomic are collected in this thick trade paperback, and it’s easy to see why comics fans have taken to it; Gran’s characters are fantastic fun, her dialogue sparkles, and her cartooning has a simple look that manages to add depth and complexity to the work that you don’t necessarily realize are there right away. Indeed, I think that the secret of Gran’s success is in just how relatable the material is; everyone, no matter their gender or background, can discover a bit of themselves in the stories told here. That’s no mean feat.

The mark of a good book is to get to the finish and want more. This first collection of OCTOPUS PIE most definitely left me wanting more.

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